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Our Clients

Our firm was founded in 2011, since then 42 organizations (42 private and 3 state-owned) and 21 individuals became our Clients, for whom we have completed 91 projects in 46 sectors and segments of the economy.

Map of completed projects:

Projects in production:

  • production of mineral and drinking water, beverages, soft drinks and iced tea;
  • production of carbon dioxide;
  • production of building materials; concrete and foam concrete; aerated concrete blocks;
  • registration, production, and sale of pharmaceuticals and medical products;
  • production and sale of orthopedic mattresses;
  • processing of municipal solid waste;
  • agriculture;
  • manufacture of gloves;
  • manufacture of jewelry;

Projects in the service sector:

  • construction and installation works;
  • tourism and hotel services;
  • catering services;
  • coworking center;
  • payment terminals;
  • taxi service;
  • car rental;
  • health and medical services;
  • software development;
  • drilling;
  • car wash;
  • consulting services;
  • transport services, freight transportation;
  • event agency and production studio;
  • fitness services;
  • repair and tailoring;
  • philately;
  • children's scientific and entertainment center;
  • the development of mobile applications;

Projects in the trade:

  • retail sale of clothing, footwear, and underwear;
  • wholesale and retail trade in food products;
  • fuel sales and filling station;
  • sale of valves for water and gas supply, heating and sanitation;
  • trade in confectionery products;

Projects in the public sector:

  • Merke district akimat of Zhambyl region;
  • Central City Hospital of Almaty;
  • Scientific and practical Center of development of social rehabilitation of Health and Social Development Ministry of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Projects for individuals:

  • development of personal financial plans and investment strategies;
  • wealth management and investment advice. Total assets under the direct or indirect control of the company - about 100 000 USD.


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Address: 3 Zhualy street, office 42, Shugyla micro district, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 050006 (A30T7T8)

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