DAMU Capital Management

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Attraction of debt and equity financing, private equity

If your company needs access to additional funds, we will arrange borrowing/debt financing (bank loans, bonds issue) or equity financing (attracting investment capital, IPO).

Benefits for Clients:

  • Stabilize and improve the financial situation of the company
  • Raise funds for the expansion and investment projects realization
  • Increase the transparency and creditworthiness of the company
  • Strengthen the company by attracting the financial or strategic investor.


Contact us:

E-mail: damucapital@gmail.com

Phone: +7 727 317 71 50


+7 701 886 27 90

+7 777 779 77 41

Address: 3 Zhualy street, office 42, Shugyla micro district, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 050006 (A30T7T8)

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