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For Corporates
Preparation and implementation of mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

We provide full service of the organization, management, and completion of mergers and acquisitions – from both the buyer side and seller side.

If you are interested in selling a business or a part of it – we will help you:

  • To find a strategic or financial investor
  • To conduct negotiations and evaluate the business (due diligence)
  • To structure the deal and implement it.

If you are interested in expanding and diversifying your business by acquiring another company, we will conduct market analysis; select and offer interesting objects to acquire; negotiate and organize the implementation of the transaction.

We can also complete the deals of the voluntary merger between involved parties.

Benefits for Clients:

  • Focus on core business – you do not spend significant amount of your time on transaction
  • Reduction the cost of the transaction – our services will cost you less than hiring project team for this purpose
  • Fast and reliable access to our partners network in the investment community – you do not waste time searching for partners, meeting and networking with them
  • Deal timing reduction – with our help you will complete a deal faster than if it will be done by your employees.
Attraction of debt and equity financing, private equity

If your company needs access to additional funds, we will arrange borrowing/debt financing (bank loans, bonds issue) or equity financing (attracting investment capital, IPO).

Benefits for Clients:

  • Stabilize and improve the financial situation of the company
  • Raise funds for the expansion and investment projects realization
  • Increase the transparency and creditworthiness of the company
  • Strengthen the company by attracting the financial or strategic investor.
Enterprise value management

As a result of this service, the Client receives a real understanding of the intrinsic value of the company, as well as Client will get a management system based on managing and enhancing the company’s value for its shareholders (regardless the plans to sell it).

Benefits for Clients:

  • Estimate the true intrinsic value of the company and understanding the ways to improve it
  • Identification of factors increasing/losing of value
  • Improved financial performance.
Business planning and investment management

If your company has free cash funds, we will help you to find and choose the best opportunities for growth and expansion of your business; evaluate and propose investment projects and will form an optimal investment portfolio.

Also we will create the business plan and financial model for Client’s internal use or for rising investment money.

Benefits for Clients:

  • Independent assessment of the investment portfolio and investment projects
  • Diversification of risks.
Corporate strategy development and its implementation

Every business during its work faces the reality that it does not have long-term business development strategy and management is completely busy with tactical issues and ongoing work. And even if the strategy does exist and developed, it is gathering dust on shelves and desks of managers, instead of being a current working document.

We propose to develop a strategy for your company and implement a management system to make the strategy work. For this purpose, we use the Balanced Scorecard system, enterprise value management elements and integrate the strategy with the systems of wages and employee motivation.

As a result, every employee of your company will realize his/her contribution to the company work and strive to implement the strategy, because he/she will be directly motivated to this.

Benefits for Clients:

  • Keep focus on core activities
  • Obtain an independent expert assessment of the company and its strategy
  • The opportunity not only to develop but to implement a development strategy.
Development and implementation of Balanced Scorecard system

If your company already has developed a strategy of development, but there are no mechanisms to ensure its implementation, we propose to develop company’s Balanced Scorecard, implement it and integrate with the system of motivation and wages.

Benefits for Clients:

  • Keep focus on core activities
  • Obtain a system of indicators (KPI), that regularly assesses the performance of the company, individual units, and departments, and each employee
  • Ability to create incentives and motivation system based on the KPI of BSC.
Restructuring and rehabilitation of companies, crisis management

If your company is faced with difficulties and is in a state of stagnation or decline, we offer both conservative and radical restructuring, stabilization and improvement of its situation.

Benefits for Clients:

  • Assessment and reduction of costs, tightening fiscal discipline
  • Assessment and reduction of staff
  • Stabilization and improvement of the company
  • Increased efficiency of the company after the reorganization.
Development of sales and marketing plans, promotion on the Internet

We will help you develop a comprehensive strategy for sales and marketing, including promotion on the Internet. In particular, we can develop a website, prepare and run contextual advertising, conduct the search engine optimization (SEO), promote products and services to customers in social networks (SMM).

Customer benefits:

  • concentration on operational activities
  • spending cuts - the involvement of our company will cost you cheaper than the content of its own experts;


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