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About us
About us

DAMU Capital Management is a Kazakh firm providing professional services in management and investment consulting. The company has representatives in Almaty and Astana and also has outsourced consultant partners in UAE, USA, and Ukraine.

We’re not theorists and we do not make money through beautiful words and presentations. We employ staff only with the real business background, who had been solving business problems in practice. We work hard with our Clients; together we find best solutions and ensure their implementation.

We help our corporate Clients to find opportunities for growth and business development, to solve managerial problems while giving Clients a room for concentration on their core activities.

Our individual Clients, while working with us, gain a clear understanding of how to achieve their financial goals, how to save and increase their capitals. Our Clients have access to a wide range of investment products through the network of our international partners. Also, we provide personal wealth management services to our high net worth individual Clients.

For more details about our consulting and investment services, please visit sections "Corporate Clients" and "Individuals".

Our mission and values

Our mission is to help our Clients in their growth, development and achievement of goals; to create a company that attracts, inspires, develops and retains exceptionally talented people. Prosperity and well-being of our Clients means to us the development and welfare of the individuals, businesses and society as a whole.

In our work we are guided by the following values:

Put Client’s interest ahead of our own.
We propose and implement only solutions that are most beneficial and necessary for our Clients, not for us. We will not take the actions which, in our opinion, do not meet the strategic interests of our Clients – even if we would be paid for it.
In DAMU Capital Management we do not earn money by any ways at the expense of our professional reputation.

A professional approach to our work.

We value our reputation and behave professionally and ethically in any situation. We follow our principles and standards and pay respect to the same behavior of our Clients and partners. Our team members are expected to follow the highest ethical standards in everything they do – both in their work in our Firm, and in their lives outside of work.

The independence of judgments and actions.

We judge the situation as we see it by ourselves. We work out recommendations and solutions, even if our Clients do not like them and even if our advices will negatively affect our fees. We believe that we can be successful only if our Clients are successful and we do not seek short-term profits at the expense of our Client’s long-term interests. 

Keep information confidential.

We do not disclose confidential information of our Clients and do not use it for our own purposes. We allow ourselves only to confirm and to show in portfolio only a fact of cooperation with Client - without disclosing any details. Personal details of our individual Clients are also confidential; our Firm only show the total amount of money under its direct and indirect management. Also the privacy is ensured by the internal rules of DAMU Capital Management – the access to information about specific project or Client is given only to employees who directly involved in particular project or work with particular Client.

The continuous improvement and constant professional quality of our work.

We are committed to continuous improvement and accumulating knowledge and experience. We attract people who do not rest on laurels and will solve increasingly complex and interesting problems of Clients. We constantly invest in the development of knowledge and skills of our employees and help them grow in every stage of their career. 

We strive for excellence in everything we do. And we prefer to choose the quality of work, not the numbers and scale of projects.


Contact us:

E-mail: damucapital@gmail.com

Phone: +7 727 317 71 50


+7 701 886 27 90

+7 777 779 77 41

Address: 3 Zhualy street, office 42, Shugyla micro district, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 050006 (A30T7T8)

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